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Empowering People to Care for People

Find, capture, publish, share and evolve on-line knowledge, guidance and training.
Effective 24/7, valuable resources for every one of your internal and external audiences, delivered when-ever and where-ever they are needed.
Easily empower people across diverse workspaces in and outside of your organization to collaboratively build, monitor and sustain new practices and resources that deliver visible performance improvements.

World Class Collaboration

Motivate, Empower, Monitor, Report and Recognize people and their teams for effective ideas, feedback and resource contributions - accurately and easily.
Intuitive, enjoyable and people centric, every HUMANet application is customized to engage, simplify and support the way your people already work individually and in teams.
Eliminate barriers imposed by time, distance, language, cost and technical complexity that hinder access, useability, security, effectiveness and long term engagement of essential support activities.
Facilitate open communication, Improve staff engagement, Synthesize information into knowledge, Leverage corporate learning, Mobile compatibility, Delivered Anywhere Anytime.


Innovative Technologies:

Collaboration,  Workflow,  Knowledgebase,  Web-Self-Service,  Detailed Feedback,  Email Management
Team Forums,  Social Media Interface,  Webinar,  Support Ticketing,  Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Intuitive Easy to Use WYSIWYG Interface,  Context Sensitive User Support;  3D Graphics and Charts,
CLOUD Enterprise, SAAS and Self-Hosted Versions (LINUX, Microsoft & Oracle),  24/7 Live Support